Our Trips

The Tour

Day 1

Our Veterans arrive to be greeted by our Staff with a warm welcome! Then we’re off to the Hotel to get everyone settled in to get rested and dressed to impress for our welcome

Day 2

Fishing day 1! Early bird wake-up and then a grab and go breakfast and off to the docks. Once were all geared up and on deck its off we go for our 7-10 mile journey into the deep blue. Out to sea fishing all day and returning for some R&R and get reset for a simple dinner.

Day 3

Fishing day 2! Same as we did the day prior but with a find catch of the day dinner gathering with our amazing donors. Our gourmet Chef/Board Member Colby Briggs spends the day cooking and preparing an awesome meal from the previous days catch. We return for R&R and getting cleaned up for a gathering of oceanic proportions.

Day 4

Time to set our Veterans loose to return to their families. Each Veteran will be escorted back to the airport or set off to the highway to begin their trip home.